Nursing Department


The Nursing Department is a new academic department to the ever growing Komar University of Science and Technology. A very friendly welcome to the students of the department of Nursing at Komar University of Science &Technology (KUST). It is really an honor to receive the first group of nursing students in this university. Becoming a nurse is truly commendable because patients and their families rely on nurse’s at the most vulnerable times of their lives. Nursing is an art, and if it is to be made an art, it requires an exclusive devotion as hard a preparation as any painter or sculptor’s work. The College is offering a BSc degree upon completion of four academic years (8 successive semesters, through two semesters (Fall and Spring). You will be provided with the highest quality educational programs and innovative educational strategy and we are keen on helping you to be ultimately a real symbol of Florence Nightingale in the society to make a difference in your communities. Be sure that we care about this period of time that you spend in our department and our final goal is your success and that is why we are here just for support and promote your knowledge and skills in your profession. We assure a very special community of success, be a family of excellence and enjoy a teamwork environment.


COLLEGE OF NURSING, KOMAR UNIVERSITY aims to be the center of academic excellence and research in the KURDISTAN Region and IRAQ. Aspiring to achieve esteem level of quality nursing education, practice and research with global standards, and be a pioneering association, perform the very best in quality and innovation within the nursing by setting the standard for nursing education, research, skills and leadership for other nursing
academies and healthcare stakeholders in the nation and on an international scale.


The Mission of the College of Nursing is to promote the skills of life- long learning, knowledge
and research in the health field in The Kurdistan region and advance the quality and quantity of
nursing students.

1. To train the student nurses with quality nursing education and skill development.
2. To prepare nurse clinicians, scholars and educators to meet health needs of the peoples of
the country and as well as world also.
3. To serve the mankind
4. To assist the country’s health care development
5. To take care of the individual, family and community as well.
6. To develop leadership quality.

1-Provide the knowledge, skills and attitude to equip students for a career in nursing.
2-Develop competence in professional skills required to provide the highest level of patient care.
3-Develop key transferable skills for general use in graduate employment so that students
become Competent in both autonomous practice and in teamwork in a variety of health settings.
4-Develop critical and analytical competence so that students become users and /or creators of
Evidence in their professional practice.
5-Provide opportunities to learn with and from other healthcare professionals so that students
Competence in inter -professional practice and work.
6-Provide the skills for life-long learning.
7-Develop a range of professional and interpersonal skills to work within a diverse and changing
health and social care area.
8-Develop reflective skills to equip students with the skills to influence future healthcare
9- Maintain a lifelong relationship with alumni through opportunities that promote interaction
and Involvement with the College for the benefit of the community.
10- Comply with International Standards in Education and Assessment System.
11-Developing international and regional activities of the center and turning it into a counselling
center for the other higher education centers of medical sciences in the region.
12- Developing the quality and the quantity of the student’s activities in the area of medical